No. Topic Convener
01 Durability of clay-based bending mortars and their regulation frame Stefanidou, M.
02 Property, functionalization and applications of one-dimension nanoporous clay minerals: From nanofiber to nanotube Yuan, P., Aranda, P., Lazzara, G., Thill, A., Liu, M., Pasbakhsh, P.
03 Fibrous clay minerals: properties and implications for paleoenvironment and diagenesis Fagel, N., Daoudi, L., Ouahabi, M.
04 Clay minerals throughout the solar system Peretyazhko, T., Rampe, L., Sutter, B.
05 Soil minerals in connection with pedogenic processes Stahr, K., Kadir, S., Kapur, S., Costantini, E., Bronnikova, M.
06 Clays for contaminants control Sarkar, B., Alessi, D.S.
07 Natural zeolites and clays as ion-exchanger Sirkecioğlu, A., Esenli, F.
08 Sepiolite, palygorskite and bentonite: geology, properties and applications Pozo, M., Jamoussi, F., Galindo, A.L.
09 Clay minerals, deposits and cultural heritage Gliozzo, E., Hein, A.
10 Clays and health Fiore, S., Viseras, C.
11 History of clay science and of its societies Murphy, K., Lanson, B.
12 Soil mineral quantification -from poorly crystalline phases and interstratified soil clay minerals to digital soil mineralogy Dietel, J., Dohrmann, R., Georgiadis, A., Hillier, S., Hubert, F., Mikutta, C.
13 Clay geochronology Allard, T., Wampler, J.M.
14 The geochemistry of clay minerals as a proxy for the origin and/or provenance of sedimentary particles Fagel, N.
15 Interaction between clay minerals and organic carbon: from natural clay-carbon compound to hybrid materials Liu, D., Theng, B.K.G., Xiandong, L., Hongjuan, S., Lv, G.
16 Teaching clay science Huff, W.D.
17 Advanced microscopy in clay research Chiou, W.A., Christidis, G., Dohrmann, R.
18 Layered double hydroxides: Advanced 2-D clay-materials for applications in energy, environmental remediation and health Prevot, V., Tokudome, Y., Abellan, G.
19 High temperature impact on bentonite barrier systems in the context of radioactive waste disposal Leupin, O., Olin, M., Dohrmann, R., Sellin, P., Svensson, D.
20 Fibrous clays: from fundamental research to functional materials Belaroui, L.S.
21 Authigenic clays in petroleum exploration Donahoe, R.J., Ҫemen, İ.
22 Clays in oil & gas applications Kaminsky, H., Fischer, T.
23 Occurrences of the rare-earth element resources in clays Elliott, W.C., Mall, P.
24 The role of clays in critical zone architecture and function Schroeder, P.A., Lanson, B.
25 Palygorskite: from fundamental research to functional materials Wang, A., Zhang, J.
26 Clay minerals studies in sedimentary basins predicting geotherms, fluid- and hydrocarbon migration systems Šegvić, B., Potel, S., Mählmann, R.F.
27 Clay mineral reaction progress during burial diagenesis and very low-temperature metamorphism Bozkaya, Ö., Środoń, J., Mählmann, R.F.
28 Multiscale computational modeling of clay-related materials and their fluid interfaces Kalinichev, A.G., Underwood, T.R.
29 Stability of smectite from experiments to natures Nguyen-Thanh, L.
30 Clays for ceramics Aparicio, P., Cultrone, G., Dondi, M.
31 Clays and the molecules of life Lambert, J.F., Jaber, M.
32 General session Ece, Ö.I., Ünal-Ercan, H., Schroeder, P.