No. Topic Convener
TS-01 Durability of clay-based bending mortars and their regulation frame Stefanidou, M.
TS-02 Property, functionalization and applications of one-dimension nanoporous clay minerals: From nanofiber to nanotube Yuan, P., Aranda, P., Lazzara, G., Thill, A., Liu, M., Pasbakhsh, P.
TS-03 Fibrous clay minerals: properties and implications for paleoenvironment and diagenesis Fagel, N., Daoudi, L., Ouahabi, M.
TS-04 Clay minerals throughout the solar system Peretyazhko, T., Rampe, L., Sutter, B.
TS-05 Soil minerals in connection with pedogenic processes Stahr, K., Kadir, S., Kapur
TS-06 Clays for contaminants control Sarkar, B., Alessi, D.S.
TS-07 Natural zeolites and clays as ion-exchanger Esenli, F., Sirkecioğlu, A.
TS-08 Sepiolite, palygorskite and bentonite: geology, properties and applications Pozo, M., Jamoussi, F., Galindo, A.L.
TS-09 Clay minerals, deposits and cultural heritage Gliozzo, E., Hein, A.
TS-10 Clays and health Fiore, S., Viseras, C.
TS-11 History of clay science and of its societies Murphy, K., Lanson, B.
TS-12 Soil mineral quantification -from poorly crystalline phases and interstratified soil clay minerals to digital soil mineralogy Dietel, J., Dohrmann, R., Georgiadis, A., Hillier, S., Hubert, F., Mikutta, C.
TS-13 Clay geochronology Allard, T., Wampler, J.M.
TS-14 The geochemistry of clay minerals as a proxy for the origin and/or provenance of sedimentary particles Fagel, N.
TS-15 Interaction between clay minerals and organic carbon: from natural clay-carbon compound to hybrid materials Liu, D., Theng, B.K.G., Xiandong, L., Hongjuan, S., Lv, G.
TS-16 Teaching clay science Huff, W.D.
TS-17 Advanced microscopy in clay research Chiou, W.A., Christidis, G., Dohrmann, R.
TS-18 Layered double hydroxides: Advanced 2-D clay-materials for applications in energy, environmental remediation and health Prevot, V., Tokudome, Y., Abellan, G.
TS-19 High temperature impact on bentonite barrier systems in the context of radioactive waste disposal Leupin, O., Olin, M., Dohrmann, R., Sellin, P., Svensson, D.
TS-20 Fibrous clays: from fundamental research to functional materials Belaroui, L.S.
TS-21 Authigenic clays in petroleum exploration Donahoe, R.J., Ҫemen, İ.
TS-22 Clays in oil & gas applications Kaminsky, H., Fischer, T.
TS-23 Occurrences of the rare-earth element resources in clays Elliott, W.C., Mall, P.
TS-24 The role of clays in critical zone architecture and function Schroeder, P.A., Lanson, B.
TS-25 Palygorskite: from fundamental research to functional materials Wang, A., Zhang, J.
TS-26 Clay minerals studies in sedimentary basins predicting geotherms, fluid- and hydrocarbon migration systems Šegvić, B., Potel, S., Mählmann, R.F.
TS-27 Clay mineral reaction progress during burial diagenesis and very low-temperature metamorphism Bozkaya, Ö., Środoń, J., Mählmann, R.F.
TS-28 Multiscale computational modeling of clay-related materials and their fluid interfaces Kalinichev, A.G., Underwood, T.R.
TS-29 Stability of smectite from experiments to natures Nguyen-Thanh, L.
TS-30 Clays for ceramics Aparicio, P., Cultrone, G., Dondi, M.
TS-31 Clays and the molecules of life Lambert, J.F., Jaber, M.
TS-32 Clays in geotechnical applications Daemen, Jaak J.K., Akgün, H., Koçkar, M.K.
TS-33 Clays and viruses Kyle, Jennifer E.
TS-34 General session Ece, Ö.I., Ünal-Ercan, H., Schroeder, P.